TOEIC 必考單字 400分






1電影variety, audience
2渡假勝地vacation, out of town
3自然觀察旅行conversation, be located
4product, order
5relationship, yearly
6workshop, supervise
7project, hire
8effect, important
9afterwards, stop by
10temperature, further
11recipe, local
12shipment, attach
13general, explain
14體育賽事athletic, winner
15invitation, nervous
16ceremony, attention
17medicine, record
18alert, update
19graduate, degree
20complaint, exchange
21deliver, appointment
22round-trip, inn
23modern, personal
24reduce, volunteer
25electronic, ship
26corporation, decision
27minister, national
28export, process
29去購物clothing, enough
30ecology, campaign
31talent, discover
32advertisement, coupon
33retire, purpose
34suggestion, coordinate
35experience, skilled
36expert, especially
37passenger, convenient
38article, publish
39casual, detail
40interview, background
41approach, be based on
42luggage, assist
43special offer, unlike
44manufacturer, deadline
45client, propose
46performance, introduce
47design, as soon as
48well-known, ordinary
49automobile, break down
50release, in addition to
51address, unload
52daily, rinse
53packet, get to
54each other, proper
55value, economic
56atmosphere, subject
57financial, share